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Often called a moving meditation, Tai Chi is gentle enough for most abilities and age ranges, and it builds strength and balance as your breath and movement are synced, affecting the parasympathetic nervous system by fortifying neural pathways during the repetitive process. The result is healing and rejuvenation for the body and mind, unlocking your full, physical and mental potential and boosting your overall feeling of wellness. The offerings here by Sifu Rubia are a classical Yang Family Style. This style has been proven to be the best introduction to the principles of Tai Chi and is the building block for several variations of the Yang Tai Chi form.


Meet Your Instructor – Sifu Rubia

Sifu Rubia

Discovered the benefits of Tai Chi as a way to heal herself, and she has been a consistent student and practitioner ever since. An orphan born in Bangladesh, Sifu Rubia has navigated the scars of deep loss and trauma creating intense anxiety in her body and mind, including the traumatic loss on her body of a miscarriage which brought her to her first Qi Gong class where she discovered the healing and strength building power Qi cultivation firsthand. Because Qi Gong & Tai Chi have helped her overcome barriers attached to grief and loss, Sifu Rubia decided that she wanted to be able to pass these benefits on to others, to teach as many people as possible just how accessible these ancient technologies are, and how much they can help people of all ages take control of their physical and mental wellbeing and bring light into darkness. Since then, she has accumulated hundreds of hours of teacher training, including Yang Family style Tai Chi, Yoga, and Iron Shirt Qi Gong. With over a decade of teaching experience, Sifu Rubia has transformed hundreds of lives, giving students the tools to maintain health, rejuvenate their bodies and recapture youthful energy and equanimity in their life. These modalities are truly sacred spaces where one can self-regulate and heal. Using all that accumulated knowledge and experience, teaching in community centers, drug, and alcohol rehabilitation centers, private group classes, as well as public speaking engagements at both local and national corporate functions, Sifu Rubia has created an incredible Tai Chi Fundamentals for  Beginners course that is the perfect start to your journey to a new, healthier and more balanced you. As she says herself, “The whole world needs healing now. And that journey starts within ourselves.”

Social proof of What students are saying...

Professional Training

Mark B.

Gentle and rigorous attention to form and movement; Warm and compassionate in leadership; delightful and engaging. Forever be a model against which all others are to be compared.

Transformative experience

Diane S.

She was always a calm presence and met me where I was. She can accommodate any level and has an emphasis on moving energy versus just doing the movements. Definitely a transformative experience each time.

Knowledgeable Experience

Patricia W.

Sifu Rubia is a knowledgeable, motivating and patient teacher. I have been studying Tai Chi with her for seven years. The experience continues to be enriching and wonderful.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Training Process

User Friendly for all Ages

You can start your journey with Tai Chi today and feel the benefits sooner than you think. A Tai Chi Beginner's course offers easy entry into a new life of improved mental and physical well-being. All you need to practice Tai Chi is yourself, no props, no equipment, so wherever you are, Tai Chi fits into your life and allows you to be spontaneous.

Now Offering Sliding Scale

Flexibility for the times

Now offering sliding scale pricing. Pay what you can afford. If you need more assistance please contact us directly.

Use the VIP Code at check out (see video for code options) that will correspond to the rate you want to pay. You will receive access to the full course you selected. No conditions or limits apply.

To Pay $59 use VIP Code: SCQ59

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Good for the intro courses: Tai Chi Fundamentals. Full Qi Gong for Grounding. Co-Creating with the Stars.

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