Restorative Grief Podcast

With Mandy Capeheart

The Restorative Grief Project is for anyone looking for tools and support as they grieve, or to learn about how to better support loved ones through the grief process.

This group is free to join for resources, connection, and support. Additional one-on-one coaching sessions are available by request for a fee.
As a participant, we simply ask you to engage with your whole self, leaving judgment at the door. This is a space for healing, connection, and rest.
Once you've joined, please check the "Guides" tab for crucial details, admin names, and more. Glad you're here!
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Lunch with a Healer Podcast

with Dr. Susan Hoffman

We are Debra Jones, an award-winning alternative healing professional, Dr Susan Hoffman, a dentist, Lesley and Karen both entrepreneurs; ladies of a certain age with diverse backgrounds, different life experiences, and definitely different opinions - having one thing in common - a strong desire to keep learning and evolving, and a passion to resist complacency.
It started when we began meeting for dinners, filled with laughter and lively conversation. These conversations were so enriching that we felt a passion to continue those meetings in a podcast format so that YOU could benefit too!
We believe, at 50+ years of age, our wisdom unveils a greater understanding and perspective on life and, in fact, is a motivator to explore the world around us more deeply.
We offer knowledge and wisdom through a wealth of combined, unique experiences and special guests on a variety of inspiring topics.
You never really know where you will find insight or inspiration - and we have it all!

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Hearts Rise Up Podcast

A deep conversation on healing from trauma and loss with Sifu & Carol Chapman

The Stress Nanny Podcast

Each Thursday you can count on a new episode to help you decrease mental, physical, and emotional stress. With an emphasis on understanding how stress impacts children and how to teach them coping skills, this podcast is your go-to for family stress management.

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The Chakra Way Podcast

Empowerment, Self-discovery & healing

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A lovely chat about energy and movement. Bridging Yoga and Qi Gong. Make sure to check out Rosanne's site for access to her beautiful meditations and classes and free goodies. 

Click here. Yoga, Meditation, Online Yoga Course, Chakra - The Chakra Way ( 

Athena Wellness

Helping professionals embrace midlife transitions

Our guest today is Sifu Rubia, who practices and teaches Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  The word sifu is Cantonese for teacher.  Rubia is the founder of Wei Wu Tai Chi, where she provides her students with the tools to maintain health, rejuvenate their bodies, and recapture youthful energy and equanimity in their lives.

We veer off-road a bit in this conversation, going deep on how to connect with ancient practices in our modern world. 

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The Soul Science Nutrition Podcast

 Christine Okezie, Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Foods Chef and Transformational Life Coach explores a genuinely “Whole-istic” Non-Diet approach to healthy eating, weight challenges and self-care. She’s fed up with the pervasive “wellness gimmicks” and “hidden diet messaging” and is passionate about you having the right tools to understand the deeper soul truths in your health challenges. Take a deep dive into the realm of mind body medicine and explore healing strategies that work at the psycho/emotional/spiritual roots  Listen to our Podcast here

Your Chakra Coach Podcast

With Sarah Bright

Exploring how the chakra system can expand your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, leading you closer to your highest self. 

Listen to our Podcast, episode #109 here.

Highly Sensitive People-Podcast

What is the Highly Sensitive Healing Circle? A compassionate and brave community where Highly Sensitive People (HSP) learn, heal, and embrace positive change.

Mastering Mind & Movement Podcast

A Conversation with Coach Ashley

Blooming Life Possibilities

Helping Women Thrive Through Transitions and New Life Chapters

Speaking Stars

A spot on Famed Astrologer Nadiya Shah's channel.