For the Real World

But I can’t Meditate!

You Say?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard this, but you really can. Meditation is being mindful and being in the present moment. Even if you’ve tried and failed at traditional sit-down meditation, Tai Chi is different. The deliberate movements focus your mind on synching breath to movement, and meditation comes naturally as part of the process, no more trying to calm the mind and suddenly that work report, or the groceries you need disrupt everything. This course is designed for you, even if you’ve never meditated before. If you’ve tried and failed at other things, if you’ve seen it and wanted to know more, but were a little intimidated about a Tai Chi class, this beginners Tai Chi course is the answer. Its flexible, easy to follow and gets results. However busy your day, however much you’ve struggled before, this is the key to unlocking your life, health and wellbeing.

Your Journey Begins

  • Practice Tai Chi Anywhere

    All you need to practice Tai Chi is yourself, no props, no equipment, so wherever you are, Tai Chi fits into your life. You can even do Tai Chi at the edge of the Grand Canyon if you want! Just don’t fall in!

  • Just 8 Minutes and 10 Steps to your Tai Chi Transformation

    Every lesson in the course is under 8 minutes long, because Tai Chi is designed to fit into your life, and we all know how busy that can be! Each one builds on the last, creating 10 chapters that take you from complete beginner to a Tai Chi practitioner already enjoying the benefits of a stronger, rejuvenated mind and body. Once learned, these 10 chapters come together to create the perfect daily Tai Chi choreography that can be built on as you progress further and enjoy the benefits of moving meditation.

  • Your New Life Starts Here

    You can have better health, increased mental focus and rejuvenated energy for life. It is all within reach, for any of us at any age, that is the wonder of Tai Chi. That journey begins with this comprehensive course that gives you a fantastic grounding in the principles of Tai Chi.

Let's Flow

Your Wealth is in Your Health Invest in Yourself!

Feel Grounded and Balanced

A New Path to Equanimity

Enjoy the way that synching breath to movement unlocks the meditative and healing properties that Tai Chi and Qi Gong practices will bring, transforming how you feel, but also how you experience life itself.

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A transformative course layered with beautiful oceanic views and soothing musical tracks, this is the Tai Chi course that can change everything for you. Start today and know that this is the moment your year, and life, transformed.

Let's Get Moving!

Find that new flow in your life. Let Tai Chi inspire you to move with a renewed vitality and a You that is more aligned. You ARE worth it!